Key Features

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  • Comes in various forms such as stickers, buttons, magnets and clips that can be used to attach to various surfaces of things e.g. household and office items 
  • Small and handy scanning surface about the size of a postage stamp
  • Comes with free WayAround app downloadable to iOS or Android devices to store text information on the WayTags for tagging of items
  • Reusable - description and details stored on it can be added and changed just by editing its information via the WayAround app 
  • Requires Near Field Communication (NFC) if smart devices are used to scan it 
  • Also works with WayLink Scanner

WayLink Scanner

  • Scans WayTags quickly and easily without having to use a smartphone
  • Provides an alternative method of scanning WayTag if NFC reader is not available on user’s smartphone
  • Uses Bluetooth to connect to the WayAround app on iPhone or Android smartphones
  • Lightweight, portable, palm-sized  
  • Comes with USB cable and rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
  • Takes about 50 minutes to charge fully
  • Up to 5.25 hours of use at full charge
Way Around Way Tags and Way Link Scanner