Key Features

Work and Learn > MagniLink S Premium 2 Video Magnifier

  • Offers good image quality with full HD camera. (Other option for HD camera is also available.)
  • Easy to switch between reading and distance mode with a flip of the camera lens 
  • Can be connected to a computer (PC/Mac/Chromebook) or an external display monitor via HDMI
  • Computer software available for features such as magnification, colour contrast and brightness adjustment
  • Optional Text-to-Speech feature for PC and Mac computers allows OCR (Optical Character Recognition) scanning up to a full A4 page. Scanned text can be read aloud with adjustable reading speed, and/or saved for later proofing or processing in a text editor
  • Compatible with assistive software such as ZoomText and SuperNova
  • Unit is powered by the computer via the USB connection which also allows the transfer of images to a computer
  • Portable, easy to set-up with foldable support legs
  • Comes with two-in-one carrying case, large enough for the unit and up to a 15.4" laptop
MagniLink S Premium 2 Video Magnifier, as used by a man in a classroom with the camera of the magnifier pointing to the whiteboard on which a teacher is writing something, and the magnified video image thus captured, is shown on the screen of a laptop connected to and placed next to the magnifier for better viewing by the man using the device.