Key Features

Work and Learn > GoTalk Select

  • Records up to 12 messages – Total of 3 Levels with 4 messages per level
  • Comes with 4 buttons per level for play back of each recorded message by the press of a button
  • Pictures on the button can be customised to represent each recorded message
  • Small and portable - Fits in a pocket for easy transport
  • Wearable with the provided lanyard or clip on
  • Built-in speaker for play back of messages
  • Adjustable volume
  • Rechargeable via USB
A squarish Go Talk Select device showing 4 different coloured pictures in 4 squares arranged in 2 by 2. Picture on top left is a question mark, picture on top right is a yellow smiling face, picture on bottom left is 2 slices of sandwiched bread, and picture on bottom right is a drink in tetra pack in green with a straw placed on top.