About Tech Able

Do I have to make an appointment for a visit to Tech Able?

Tech Able is open to public and visitors are welcome to visit anytime during opening hours, which are from 9am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

I would like to bring a group of visitors to Tech Able. Would you be able to conduct a learning journey for us?

Tech Able caters to groups to visitors to tour the space at their own pace using this app. However, if you have specific request(s), please email us at techable@sgenable.sg.

Is Tech Able accessible?

Tech Able incorporates various accessibility features to make it accessible to persons with disabilities. If there are areas which can be improved, do let us know. You can email us at techable@sgenable.sg or speak to the staff on duty.

About AT assessment and training

How do I make an appointment for assessment?

If you have been receiving support from disability service providers (e.g. Social Service Agencies, special education schools) or hospitals, you should first request an AT assessment through the therapists or social workers there. If necessary, your therapist or social worker may make a referral to SPD, who provides the AT assessment and training services in Tech Able.

If you do not receive regular support from a touchpoint, and would like to make an appointment for an AT assessment, please download, fill and email the Assistive Technology Referral Form to SPD directly at atc@spd.org.sg.

How many assessments do I need?

As every client’s needs are different, the number of assessment and training sessions varies between individuals.

About AT devices

Can I try out the assistive technology devices displayed at Tech Able?

Visitors are welcome to try out the devices displayed in Tech Able. For assistance, please approach the staff on duty.

Can I borrow an assistive technology device?

SPD operates an assistive technology loan library at Tech Able, where users can borrow the devices for a small fee. Prior to the loan, we strongly recommend an AT assessment in order to identify the most appropriate assistive technology device.

How do I purchase an assistive technology device?

You may purchase assistive technology devices through one of a number of vendors in Singapore, some of which are listed in this app. Please check with them directly for availability and delivery, as Tech Able does not sell any assistive technology device.

Is there any grant or subsidy that I can apply for purchasing the assistive technology devices?

Various funding schemes are available to defray the costs of purchasing assistive technology devices and software. Eligibility criteria vary, but broadly speaking:

  • The Assistive Technology Fund (ATF) is for persons with disabilities from low-income families, and helps defray up to 90% of the cost of buying, replacing and repairing assistive technology devices used for education, employment, training and independent living.
  • The Special Education Needs (SEN) Fund is for Singaporean students in polytechnics and ITE colleges. Some universities and arts institutions may have SEN Fund-equivalent support.
  • The Seniors’ Mobility and Enabling Fund (SMF) is for seniors aged 60 and above
  • The Enhancement for Active Seniors (EASE) programme allows eligible households to install AT devices that make the homes more elderly-friendly, at a subsidised cost
  • For further details, you may wish to refer to the Money Matters section in this website.

I know of an assistive technology device that I don’t see on your app. How may I recommend the device to you?

It is always great to learn about new assistive technology devices that could help persons with disabilities! Do email us at techable@sgenable.sg with information on the device, including (1) a photograph of the assistive technology device, (2) the features and (3) the contact details of the vendor.

About this app

Do I have to be at Tech Able to use this app?

This app contains information about assistive technology devices that you can refer to anywhere. However, when you are in Tech Able, do try out the tour feature to guide you around the space.